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Donald Kipkorir rejects Jubilee "Brown Envelope" after he decamped to NASA.

Donald Kipkorir Dumps Uhuru for Raila. PHOTO | Courtesy

The Billionaire and flamboyant lawyer Donald Kipkorir has dumped the President Uhuru Kenyatta camp and joined Raila Odinga NASA camp. The lawyer who has been so vocal in the Jubilee dumped the camp for a "Democratic Camp" as he described it.

"I was in the Jubilee camp, but I saw something not add up because the leaders were so selfish and planning things that will undermine the country. I had not other option than decamp to "BABA". I moved out with my friends and now we are joining the Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto to make sure RiftValley is a NASA zone." Said Kipkorir.

"The Jubilants are liars and Kenya must understand that by giving them another term, they will corrupt the country. I have been in their camp and I know whatever they are planning. People should wake up and vote up that government." he added.

"I will be with the NASA senior councils led by the Siaya Senator James Orengo and my friend Abdullahi Ahmednasir Maalim in fighting for the Kenyan people from the rogue hands." he said.

The Most of Rift Valley tycoons have decamped the jubilee party and will rally behind Raila Odinga's' bid in the coming elections. The majority of people apart from Nandi and UasinGishu counties have decamped to NASA.

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