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Mombasa Jubilees' Suleiman Shahbaal endorsed by Kamba Community for the County Top seat.

Shahbaal endorsed by the Mombasa Kamba Community. PHOTO | George Charo

The Mombasa Kamba elders have endorsed the Jubilee candidate Suleiman Shahbal for the Governorship position in the coming elections.  The elders of the community led by Philip Ndolo said that the current Mombasa governor has sidelined the community which is the second largest after Mijikenda.

“Kambas want assurance that they will be included in the next Mombasa government. That is why we are behind Shahbal’s candidature,” Ndolo said, as he welcomed Shahbal to speak.

“My brother Kalonzo told me to wait because Raila had promised him the presidency. I told him Raila is a perennial liar, but he never listened. Look at what happened,” Shahbal said.

“In the last meeting with Kalonzo at his Yatta home, I told him to declare that he will run for the country’s top seat. He said we should wait. I said after I leave the meeting, I will never look back. I will join the winning team Jubilee.” Shahbal said Kambas should support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reelection because they will never benefit from NASA even if Raila wins the presidency.

“Politics is all about interests. Kikuyus and Kalenjins fought in 2007, but they came together for the sake of their community. We need to come together and support Uhuru for the interest of our people,” he added.

The Kambas at the meeting said they would rally behind Uhuru, DP William Ruto and the Mombasa Jubilee team. Shahbal took a swipe at Joho, saying he has failed in developing Mombasa.

“You cannot kick out hawkers without building a market for them. The so-called Sultan has failed completely,” Shahbal said.

It is considered by the political analysts from the coastal region that the battle will be between the Wiper Candidate Omar Hassan and the ODM deputy party leader and incumbent Hassan Joho. The Jubilee candidate has very little influence in Mombasa compared to the NASA duo.

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