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Socialite Pendo evicted in her house following rent arrears, rescued by her boyfriend.

Pendo evicted in her house. PHOTO | Courtesy

Rumours are going round on the social media that the popular socialite Pendo was evicted from her house after she had arrears. The gossip about Pendo was initiated by the socialite counterparts.

Nairobi Diaries’ star and socialite Pendo has been evicted from her house by her landlord. The reality TV star is rumoured to have failed to pay her house rent for several months and was evicted. Luckily enough, her boyfriend paid and went back to her house later.

Currently, she is being housed by a friend at an apartment along Muringa Road.

When Heads Up caught up with her, Pendo refuted the claims and said; “This is news. I am in my house.”

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