President Kenyatta with a primary school child in Kiambu. PHOTO | Courtesy PSCU
President Kenyatta with a primary school child in Kiambu. PHOTO | Courtesy PSCU
President Uhuru Kenyatta was opposed by the Kiambu residents claimed that the area will have no six piece vote as compared to the last election.  The residents said that the presidential votes which are approximately 1.2 Million will be for Jubilee while the other seats will be upon the people to decide but no six pieces.

“We will vote for UhuRuto but in the grassroots, we will make our individual decision because we are the ones who know whether they can deliver better than the President and his deputy. We plead with the duo to leave the job of voting for leaders at county levels to residents,” Mary Njuguna a Kiambu resident said.

“They made their promise to Kenyans that they will only seek their votes and leave the rest of the seats to Wanjiku to decide. We won’t repeat the mistake we made in 2013. Let them not impose leaders on voters. Instead, they should leave the democratic space to Kenyans to vote for leaders of their choice,” Denis Kili, a resident was given said.

“You Kiambu people should know that you are Jubilee County number one and other counties are taking a bearing from Kiambu. If you mix while voting you will mislead other counties,” President Kenyatta said.

“You should put a straight line from President Uhuru, governor, senator, MPs and MCAs.” he added.

“We plead with you to support them so that we can have one government with full parliament backing.” Uhuru urged the residents.

President Kenyatta faced hostility after he made some remarks referring to Kiambu Jubilee governor candidate Ferdinand Waititu, and Thika Town MP candidate Alice Ng’ang’a. Alice was heckled when she was given time to speak with the residents.

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