Kenya S£x workers protest for continous killings. PHOTO | Courtesy
Kenya S£x workers protest for continuous killings. PHOTO | Courtesy

The cost of PrEP and  PeP to be reduced in Kenya following public outcry over the increased usage of the substance. The Kenyan PrEP outlets have been short of the tablets following high demand. The tabs will be sold in all shops across Kenya at the cost of Ksh. 10 to Ksh 50.

Pilot studies conducted in Kenya prove that if swallowed daily, the drugs can prevent HIV infection by more than 96 percent. Thousands of people will be potential beneficiaries.

But the head of the National AIDS and STI Control Programme Dr. Martin Sirengo said trained health workers will assess who qualifies for this treatment, technically know as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

The Cost of PrEP and PEP for HIV control to be reduced to Ksh 10 compared to Pregnancy testing Kits and the earlier prices of between Ksh 20 to Ksh 50.

PrEP refers to HIV drugs that one takes before exposure so as to prevent any possible transmission, while post-exposure prophylaxis refers to HIV drugs that one takes after they have had exposure.

PrEP and PEP to prevent HIV infections.
Last year, the World Health Organization recommended Truvada as a PrEP drug for HIV prevention in combination with other safe s£x practices such as condom use.

“The beauty with PrEP is that it is highly effective and will be given to those that are at risk of contracting HIV. This could include discordant couples where one partner is HIV positive and another is HIV negative; people who frequently contract STIs; individuals who are unable to negotiate condom use; people who frequently use Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) and also drug users who share syringes,” Sirengo said.

This will make Kenya the second country in Africa, after South Africa, to roll out PrEP. Kenya reported 77,600 new HIV infections in 2015.
The treatment will cost between Sh50,000 to Sh80,000 per person per year, but it is expected that NGOs and other partners will subsidize.

Those who choose to take PrEP should take a pill every day as long as they are s£xually active. It takes seven days for the pill to be effective.
At the same time, they will have to be monitored on a regular basis and take an HIV test every three months.

“PrEP is as good as it is taken. If taken daily during the period of risk, it is highly effective. We anticipate that PrEP will avert many new infections in Kenya,” Sirengo said.

Kenya is considered to be at risk of more infections if an action will not be taken against the hoarders of the PrEP and PEP tablets. The demand for those substances have risen due to an increase in Prost!tuition facilitated by the high cost of living.

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