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#InternationalKissingDay ; International Kissing day in Kenya is the worst. Have you Kissed today? Google "International Kissing Day" for a free Kiss. #Kiss #KissDay

Today is an International Kissing day. People have been wishing their loved one's success in their lives with a Kiss across the whole world. The Indians are termed as the best kissers in the world according to a research conducted by a well-known researcher O. Oneil from Califonia.

People across the world celebrate this for its uniqueness and appetite of kissing someone. A kiss moves women hormones from a static position to dynamic movements and assists in redeveloping hormonal balance.Google "International Kissing Day" for a free Kiss.

A kiss and a hug stimulate women feelings and man's ego. Here are some people posted on social media about this special day. Have you ever Kissed someone today? try your best to make the special day real.

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