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#ChangeofGuardKe NASA second plan after Court election petition rule in favour of Jubilee or IEBC. - DAVID NDII.

David Ndii at Nation Center. PHOTO | Courtesy NTV
David Ndii at Nation Center. PHOTO | Courtesy NTV

NASA is preparing for mass action if the court declares the petition in favour of Jubilee or IEBC. The opposition coalition has made its plans of liberating the country through civil societies who have been oppressed by the Jubilee government.

NASA technical support David Ndii on Tuesday defended the decision saying it comes from a need to seek a free democratic space.

"We have been calling for mass action since 1991 and we will not stop as long as some people try to restore dictatorship,” he said during an interview with Larry Madowo on NTV.

"If change cannot come through the ballot, it will come through the bullet." 

“Protestors do not kill, they only resist oppression. It is the police who shoot and kill when protesters resist. Any killing is initiated by the government. We will call for mass action. We need to discuss why Kenya should stay together just like in an abusive relationship people talk and agree either to break up or move on,” he added.

"We as NASA clearly know that the problem we are dealing with is the political impunity and we know courts cannot solve this. We are fighting the election not just to win power but on grounds of implementing electoral reforms. There should be open civil conversations on this matter and frightening people with secession will not help and throwing some statements does not amount to incitement," David Ndii insisted.

Raila Odinga said they took the decision they had said they wouldn't give the court a second chance. He said it also followed wide consultation and the current oppression on civil societies.

"The court can use this chance to redeem itself, or, like in 2013, it can compound the problems we face as a country," he told a press conference at the Okoa Kenya Secretariat in Lavington, Nairobi, on Wednesday.

 The government has been forcing Non Governmental organisation and civil societies groups to follow what it states or else face deregistration. This comes after a number of NGO were deregistered including KNCHR.

 The NASA technical economic expert added that change will and liberation is what Kenyans need.  "We need to have a dynamic presidency and communities feel included. "We will not stop until we a country that has full democracy and everyone feels safe and participates in the government structuring." He concluded.

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