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Iran Bans Ugly teachers and will all be sacked as students complain their teaching is very boring.

The Iranian government has banned all ugly teachers from attending class or go near the institutions. The government has posed the threat of sacking all ugly teachers in the country.

People have been demanding the government to outline the ugliness as described by the Education ministry. Students in the country have been complaining of lack of interactive teaching as the ugly teachers make teaching very boring.

A list of proscribed ailments, including having a scar or a fungal infection was released by the FARS news agency.  Any teacher who has an epidermal disorder or with dark and white spots or a burn, bow legged will not be allowed in class.

Anyone who is cross-eyed has ugly facial moles or skin conditions such as acne or eczema face redundancy.

Women who have facial hair will also be sacked, along with teachers with fewer than 20 teeth or those suffering a fungal infection.

Women are allowed to teach in Iran although they must wear a scarf covering their hair.

Art teachers will be sacked if they report they are colour blind and infertile female teachers will also be banned from the classroom.All teachers must be parents at least with one or two children.

The ban will start at the beginning of September this year, According to the English calendar.  The government wanted to have a good system of teaching which will be favourable to the students in the class.

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