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Reasons why short Men make good husbands. Have you heard of ' the Shorter the Monkey the Longest the tail?'

Couples shown on Confused Magazine. PHOTO | Courtesy Confused Magazine
Couples shown on the Confused Magazine. PHOTO | Courtesy Confused Magazine

Tall men have advantages and disadvantages over short Men. Most of the Tall men as indicated by Newyork magazine are liars and they do so because the ladies do not see their faces when they are together because of neck strains.
Many women prefer tall, dark and handsome men who make them feel protected leaving short men down the dating chain battling with ‘heightism.’ But  could Collo and his wife Ida be enjoying benefits we don’t know? Before you write them off turns out there are quite a number of positives for dating shorter men.

    The s3x is actually better. Ever heard of ‘the shorter the monkey the longer the tail?’ Other than being well endowed, because of his height certain s3x positions are much more enjoyable and comfortable to both. No need for breaking your back to reach him.


    They make better partners in relationships because they tend to over compensate for their height. They are much nicer and funnier than tall guys who don’t put in any effort.

    If you enjoy spooning and cuddling he will make a small cosy spoon.

    You can look each other right in the eyes without breaking your neck muscles and toes. This makes it easier for the Woman to do what she thinks at that time.


    No need for an expensive king size bed. They are contented with what they have and struggles for life than world activities.

The majority of Canadian women like short men because they say they terrorise their beds. They have what it takes for the lady to advance in her feelings.

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