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David Maraga : If leaders are tired of a strong and independent Judiciary, they can call a referendum and abolish it all together.

CJ David Maraga and the Judiciary service Commission in Nairobi, Tuesday September 19, 2017. /CAROLE MAINA

The Chief Justice David Maraga has called all the arms of Government willing to abolish the judiciary to call referendum and Kenyans will vote for their interest. The calls come just after demonstrations held at the supreme court after the ruling.

"If leaders are tired of a strong and independent Judiciary, they can call a referendum and abolish it all together," CJ Justice David Maraga said.

"Judiciary is ready to pay the ultimate price to protect the rule of law." he added.

The meeting followed two petitions challenging the credibility of the CJ himself, and Supreme Court judges Philomena Mwilu (Deputy Chief Justice) and Isaac Lenaola.

The CJ further condemned the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet for ignoring their calls to provide security to all Government facilities.

"He has repeatedly ignored calls to act, exposing Judicial officers, property, and litigants to danger," Maraga said.

"These attacks have become even more aggressive.. .the attacks are denigrating, demeaning, degrading and are meant to cow the institution.Such acts are savage," he stated.

"If anything happens to individual judges, staff and their families, those making inciting statements will be held responsible," he said.

He said the judiciary will not take directives from other arms of government on how it should execute its mandate.

"We will not allow anybody to dictate to us how we discharge our mandate ...we want to state that the rule of law must be allowed to take place at all times," he said.

The Judiciary has called out the political parties to exercise their respect and if willing to follow the Kenya constitution, they must follow the due process. The Judicial service commission is regarded as independent and must be independent according to the constitution as echoed by the activists.


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