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#Diamond #Platinumz: "I was in love with Hamisa Mobetto and has my child, I cheated on Zari." Bongo flava artist Diamond Platinumz admits.

Diamond Platinumz,Child and Zari. PHOTO | Courtesy NAIJA

Relationships scandals hit as always to the Celebs in the world. The latest cheating scandal hits the Bongo Flava artist Diamond Platinumz. The Bongo artist has been allegedly cheated his wife Zari with a well-known video star and singer Hamisa Mobetto.

After some interviews and shows that he declines to move on with Hamisa Mobetto, now Diamond Platinumz has finally admitted that he cheated on Zari Hassan with Hamisa Mobetto, the star of the s£xy video of the hit song “Salome”. The affair culminated into a pregnancy, which Diamond previously vehemently denied responsibility for.

However, on September 19, Diamond ate his words. Speaking during a radio interview with popular Tanzanian show Leo Tena, he admitted to being the father of one-month-old Abdul Latif Naseeb Abdul Juma who was named after the musicians’ father Abdul Naseeb.

“These things happen in life but the most important thing is how you deal with it as a man. There is no need of creating a war where there is none. Later on in life, the children will grow up together and they will be happy as a family.”

Diamond also refuted claims that he wanted to be a dead-beat father by earlier own disowning the baby, accusing Mobetto of using the situation to destabilize his relationship with Zari. According to Diamond, he and the model had an agreement that he would provide for the child and in return, Mobetto would remain silent on the issue so as not to hurt Zari but she decided to break the ice.

He says he has done everything possible to ensure Mobetto and the baby are well-taken care off including buying her a new car ( a Rav 4, just in case you were wondering) to ease her way around the town as well as paying an upkeep of TSh70,000 (Sh3,131) daily.

Diamond Platinumz has been in the wrong showbiz after he was also spotted with his Ex-Girlfriend Wema Sepetu. Wema Sepetu admitted being loving Diamond with all her heart despite their fracas that let their relationship broke up. The drama with Zari started when Zari Ex-Husband died in Uganda and she was expected to sign and received the will of the deceased towards their children.


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