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Francis Ole Kaparo: "I'm not toothless and not running toothless commission(NCIC) try me," Kaparo says.

Francis Kaparo. PHOTO | FILE

NCIC chairman Francis Ole Kaparo has said he will not be pushed into making arrests or prosecutions by anyone. This comes after a series of attacks from different leaders across the country for failing to arrest Gatundu Mp Moses Kuria and Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

This came in the wake of politicians and human rights activists calling for the disbandment of the 'toothless' agency. The activists called the toothless Kaparo that his work is to reap Kenyans their hard-earned money for their salaries while doing nothing at the commission.

National Cohesion and Integration Commission is accused of failing to prosecute politicians for hate speech.

But Kaparo on Sunday said the NCIC follows laid down procedures and cannot make arbitrary arrests or prosecutions.

"You can’t tell me to just go and arrest so and so without knowing whether what that fellow has said is actually in breach of the law."

On Friday, human rights activist Al-Amin Kimathi and Mombasa Senator Mohamed Faki said the commission should be disbanded.

"People are making provocative utterances but they don’t take any action. It is as if they have abdicated their role," Faki said.

Kimathi said: "They are deliberately moribund. They have been silenced. It should be disbanded."

The leaders were talking after a blogger from Kisumu and Facebook admin was taken to court and charged. She was to be bailed out with Ksh 250000 or a year in Prison. The leaders said that the commission only deals with the poor and social media admins unlikely the Jubilee leaders who provoke and threatened people live.

The two said the commission is a toothless dog whose objective of existence has been washed away by their inaction on hatemongers.

But Kaparo dared the critics saying: "If they want to know we have teeth, let them do something. I am not ready to be hurried up. I am not a small car."

The Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu wanted the people who voted for Raila Odinga be evicted from Kiambu.  It was also echoed by the Gatundu Mp Moses Kuria. The  MP urged the people of Central Kenya who voted for Raila Odinga to be evicted and be punished.

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