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#Ganze : First priority, Water, health and education in Ganze, no constituency property vandalism and Corruption will be tolerated. - Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire

Ganze Mp Teddy Mwambire addressing people. PHOTO | Courtesy
Ganze Mp Hon. Teddy Mwambire. PHOTO | Courtesy

Ganze MP Hon Teddy Ngumbao Mwambire has hit hard on the people who vandalized the sub-county properties and embezzled the constituency funds by giving them an ultimatum to return the county properties and lost funds.

Speaking at Matanomane, Hon Teddy warned the sub-county officials that his office will take serious actions if not they will not have honored or adhered to his conditions.

Ganze is considered to be the poorest sub-county in Kilifi with many NGOs supporting the locals. The former Sokoke MCA hit on the former MP Peter Shehe on funds misappropriation and abuse of office.

He has decided to take the first steps of getting the constituency funds back and complete the projects that his fellow started in 2013 to 2017.

The projects include unfinished healthy care facilities at Ndigiria, Bandari, Sokoke, and Vitengeni. Water pipeline project that was to destined at Mrima wa Ndege, through Kachororoni, Shangweni, and Katendewa.

The sub-county had been long affected by drought and the residents appealed to their MP to start small irrigation programs that will beef up the area food security.

"I want to make sure Ganze changes and as well create a difference compared to the other former MPS. I will partner with anyone as long as the life in my constituency is changed in one way or the other. The main problems that I want to resolve in the first two years are Healthy, Water and education. " Hon Teddy said.

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