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#Mtwapa ,Kilifi : Drunk police officers shot 3 people in Mtwapa, Kilifi county, among them a water Vendor.

Mtwapa Kenol stage near tuskys. PHOTO | Mtwapaa

One person Killed and several injured in Mtwapa, Kilifi county after a drunk police officers shoot randomly as they were heading to their base at close to the Mtwapa Bridge. The incident happened barely a week after another Man was harassed by the same police officers at Mtomondoni, Mtwapa.

Kilifi police boss Alexander Makau confirmed Maxwell Masota, 32, a water vendor at Kasani area in Mtwapa was killed during the incident.

According to Makau, Masota and other residents confronted the police officers who were on patrol at around 9 pm. The Police officers went to a famous club in Mtwapa called Lambada and they were really drunk when that incident happened.

They wanted to prevent the arrest of a suspect. Masota raised the alarm and within a short time, many other members of the public joined in confronting the officers and in the process, Masota attempted to snatch the rifle of one of the officers to help the suspect to escape.

"The officers, on sensing imminent danger, opened fire to scare the crowd baying for their blood and in the process fatally injured the suspect," he said.

However, Shimo la Tewa MCA Sammy Ndago said the officers had developed a habit of harassing members of the public, especially in mnazi drinking dens.

Speaking on the phone, Ndago said the five officers from Shimo la Tewa GK prison normally drink mnazi and refuse to pay.

"They go ahead and threaten the sellers that they will shoot them. Yesterday, people got fed up with their habit and decided to confront them after they refused to pay." Hon Ndago said.

The MCA gave the Independent Policing and Oversight Authority seven days to investigate the matter or he will move to court.

John Ngoro, 42, was shot in the left leg, Geoffrey Ngotho, 30 in the right leg and John Lesabugia, 40, was also shot in the right leg.

They are admitted to the Coast Provincial General Hospital.

Suspects Simon Otieno, Christopher Ochieng', Michael Opondo and Dennis Ochieng' have been arrested. They will have reigned to court and on Monday they will have a second hearing at Shanzu law court.

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