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Ngunjiri Wambugu : " I will form an #Anti-Maraga campaign to Impeach him before the year ends." Jubilee legislature Ngunjiri Wambugu warned CJ Maraga.

Jubilee legislature Ngunjiri Wambugu has vowed to find all necessary steps to Impeach the Chief justice David Maraga. The Jubilee MP said that the Chief Justice did not follow the correct procedure when he gave out his verdict during the Presidential ruling that led to the nullification of the Electoral presidential results.

Hon Wambugu wants to bring in Judges who will take in the supreme court as Justice Maraga cannot be in the supreme court. President Uhuru Kenyatta also echoed the statement adding that chief justice did not have any rights to give a verdict that led to the repetition of the presidential polls.

"I will make sure that we impeach Chief Justice David Maraga before the year ends. I'm also forming an anti-Maraga campaign to counter attack on the IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba NASA attack" Says Ngunjiri Wambugu.

The president added that if people elect Raila Odinga then they will impeach in the parliament. The Jubilee team vowed to deal with the Chief Justice David Maraga if they are elected in the October polls.

The Member of Parliament will start the process on Monday. The Jubilee top leadership has distanced themselves from the process and regarded it as a personal process. "We have not taken any action against anyone. We are following the law and it will prevail. The Jubilee MP has a right to file anything as an MP and a citizen of Kenya." Said Jubilee Secretary general Raphael Tuju.

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