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Nimrod Mbai: " Charity Ngilu should be raped in her office if she does not drop the support for Raila Odinga." Says Kitui East Mp Nimrod Mbai

Nimrob Mbai in Parliament. PHOTO | FILE

Kitui East Jubilee MP Nimrod Mbai wants the Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu to be raped in her office if she does not drop her bombshells towards the President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The first time elected MP allegedly threatened Charity Ngilu against her will and campaign of making sure President Kenyatta earning zero votes in Kitui county.

The Nimrod Mbai remarks recalled all the Ukambani leaders to vote against Uhuru Kenyatta and let his people speechless. The video showing the remarks was shared on the social media and members of the Wiper in the county wanted  Nimrod to apologize.

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