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Omar Hassan: Former Mombasa Senator Omar Hassan resigns Wiper and Join hands with Jubilee point man Suleiman Shahbaal.

Former Mombasa Senator Omar Hassan. PHOTO | FILE
Former Mombasa Senator Omar Hassan. PHOTO | FILE
The former Mombasa Senator Omar Hassan resigned as the Secretary general of the Wiper Democratic party. The Kalonzo Musyoka party has two deputies which have already replaced him.

It is alleged that Omar Hassan is colluding with the Jubilee candidate Suleiman Shaahbal after they both lost the seat to the incumbent Hassan Ali Joho.

The same day the Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto ditched NASA to Jubilee, Hassan is also expected to announce his move to Jubilee publicly.

The two deputies, who will fill Mr Omar’s position are former Wiper nominated Senator Judith Sijeny and ex- East Africa Legislative Assembly member Peter Mathuki.

In the letter sent to Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka dated September 6, Mr Omar gives several reasons for his resignation including pursuing justice in the Mombasa gubernatorial election, which he lost to incumbent Hassan Joho, furthering his studies and reorganizing his political career.

“My endeavour towards scholarship, personal development and repositioning the discourse for social justice and accountability in Mombasa and the coast region through non-state actors makes my position as Secretary General untenable,” the letter states.

“You will indeed recall that way before the August 8 General Election I made it clear to you and the Rt. Honourable Raila Odinga that I bear no desire to serve in your government in the event that you were elected and I was not elected governor of Mombasa for deep-rooted personal reasons that I will one day share,” he says.

“As such, it is unlikely that I will play any part in your 17th October Presidential quest, but nonetheless, I most sincerely wish you the very best,” he says.

The Human rights activist will join hands with Hon Suleiman Shahbaal in Mombasa soliciting votes for the President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Wiper party officials have urged its supporters that it is still strong and the position that he held has already been filled. The party will not have any vacuum because of resignation. They also urged its members to stay active and not to be "bought" by any party.


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