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Suzanna Owiyo is reported dead by bloggers on social media. Fake news are on the rise.

Suzzana Owiyo is reported dead by bloggers. PHOTO | Courtesy

The media industry is agitated following the rise of fake news. Last week, fake reports indicated that the Afro-Fusion singer Suzanna Owiyo had passed on in a grisly road accident.  A Kenyan blog reported that the artist passed on when she was heading to her rural home in Nyanza.
She follows a long string of Kenyan celebrities ‘killed’ by the internet. "Afro fusion artist Suzanna Owiyo is pissed by rumors that she is dead." said her manager.

A rather agitated Suzanna took to social media to deny the claims. “Very sad indeed, apparently am dead somewhere! Thank you for killing me. People can be so mean”.

In December last year, popular radio presenter Mzazi Willy Tuva was said to have passed on in the Naivasha tank explosion that claimed 39 lives.

Actress Brenda Wairimu was also killed by social media in February this year when a blog posted she died at 27.

In March, comedian Churchill dispelled rumors of his death following reports on a UK blog.

The bloggers also recently killed the KBC veteran Lenard Mambo, Larry Madowo, former president Daniel Moi among others.

Fake news has been on the rise in Kenya. The main reason that fake news has been on the rise is unemployment and idleness. People have been urged by the Communication authority to be careful on what they post on the media or else will land them in Jail.


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