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#BOB COLLYMORE : Heat in Safaricom Center after over 2 Million subscribers defect over Raila Odinga remarks.

Bob Collymore of Safaricom. PHOTO | Coutesy

Safaricom company boss Bob Collymore has pleaded with the NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga following massive Safaricom subscribers withdrawal. The company has lost over 2 Million subscribers in the past three weeks.

The Company CEO wrote a letter to Raila Odinga saying that his statements have rendered the company losing billions of shillings only in few weeks.

Apparently, the first set worked, results went to the servers in France, but the second VPN was never used. Thus, the results transmitted and the broadcast was never authenticated nor secure, i.e not from the KIEMS kits.

The revelation further reinforced the initial expose of the third party accessing IEBC servers and adding/deleting Forms. Chebukati’s names were used against an account that did so at least 9000 times.

After Raila revelations, Safaricom CEO quickly refuted the claims stating that the firm acted in good faith and as per the contract with IEBC.

Raila in his subsequent response warned the telco giant and other firms that NASA could decide to call for a boycott of the firms undermining the democracy of the people of Kenya.

But even before Raila issued the official orders to boycott, thousands and now millions of Kenyans have migrated from the telco giant to their rival Airtel.

The Safaricom company now got the political heat as their counterpart Airtel and Telkom gains more customers. The company has decided to take chances by talking the NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga.
The government has been quiet on the issue as the biggest shareholder. Safaricom is among the top companies in Kenya which are paying large amounts of taxes at the treasury as claimed by the Treasury CS Henry Rotich.


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