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Chebukati Kicked out of Parliament by Select Committee. - IEBC

IEBC chair Chebukati heads to the Select committee. PHOTO | James Murimi
IEBC chair Chebukati heads to the Select committee. PHOTO | James Murimi

The law amendment select committee has kicked out the IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati after he arrived alone before the committee. The committee expected to have all the commissioners present for the meeting to proceed.

The Committee chair William Cheptumo (Baringo North) noted the issue at hand is serious so the IEBC boss cannot make submissions without a quorum.

"We receive the memorandum and we confirm it is not signed by the majority...we will be here until late...we allow the chair to come back with the commissioners," he said.

Cheptumo said they should go back at around 7 pm if the chairman gets the other commissioners.

"We have to hear you and your commissioners today or Tomorrow. We look forward to meeting you later," he said.

He further noted the commission's responsibility is collective so "it is good to know he did not act alone".

"Unfortunately, we have only the chairman and the statement is not saying it is executed by commissioners or by him. We need to know it is a collective idea."

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja said the document can only be admissible as a "Chebukati memorandum", not an IEBC memorandum.

"If the document is not signed by other commissioners it can't be admissible to the committee but it can be admissible as his own submission," he said.

"I confirm that my being here alone is no mischief as alleged.The commission had a plenary meeting on Tuesday and we decided that I represent them," Chebukati answered.

"As I sit here, the commissioners are in various stages of preparing for the election...nothing is further from the truth. If it is the feeling of the committee that I bring the commissioners, it can be arranged," he stated.

"He added everything done at IEBC follows decisions by all commissioners, not just him," Chebukati added.

The committee later agrees to push forward the meeting and in the attendance, a representative from the human rights organizations must be included. The IEBC has less than 20 days to conduct the elections and the stack on the former suppliers of election materials which the NASA led by Raila Odinga opposed.

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