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#JubileeParty : "We will amend the constitution whether NASA legislators attend parliament or not," Gilgil Mp Martha Wangari says.

Gilgil MP Martha Wangari. PHOTO | The star
Gilgil MP Martha Wangari. PHOTO | The star

Gilgil Mp Martha Wangari stated that the Jubilee party is right away to amend the constitution as the Supreme court identified loopholes and now they want to seal them. The Mp who garnered 76 Percent in the last polls called his counterparts to follow the rule of law in their decisions.

"It is a high time it dawned on NASA legislators that the only legal means for them to put their voice to be heard is to attend Parliament and present their recommendations." she said.

"It was the Supreme Court that identified the loopholes. We in jubilee we have decided to cure the mess," she said in a press statement on Sunday.

"Is it now wrong to make it a crime for election officers to refuse to perform their official duties?" Wangari posed.

"The changes will entrench transparency in the electoral process and guarantee free, fair and credible elections," she said.

"The opposition and their supporters should stop interfering with the electoral process. They have been given an opportunity to present the views to IEBC but they refused. "

"Now they have called for demonstrations which will certainly interfere with so many things within CBD," she said.

Wangari added: "We call on our competitors to be mindful of the welfare of Kenyans and stop spearheading activities that could tear the country apart."

"NASA should know that there is no other route to the presidency except through the ballot box. We in jubilee we will not allow that to happen," she said.

"The Jubilee fraternity will amend the law whether the NASA legislators will attend or not. We are tired of the Games being played by the NASA MPs, " he stated. The parliament will decide if the laws will be changed or not. The public demanded a referendum if they wanted to change the laws as passed in 2010 constitution.


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