Kisumu supermarket looted by thugs. PHOTO | FILE

Kisumu Anti-IEBC demonstration led to the looting of a supermarket. The thugs stormed the supermarket and took everything that was in the supermarket. The ODM officials in Kisumu have distanced themselves of the looting happened in the Kisumu famous mall.

The ODM party has distanced itself from looting at a supermarket in Kisumu during anti-IEBC protests on Friday claiming its protestors did not reach the supermarket and only thieves and thugs were involved in looting.

Executive director Oduor Ong'wen condemned the incident saying it is a broader scheme to delegitimise ongoing demonstrations calling for electoral justice.

"The deliberate and conspicuous absence of the police as this incident happened points to an unacceptable complicity and choreography for which the local police leadership must come out clean," the statement from ODM read.

Ong'wen asked the police to investigate the incident, adding that police should protect property.

"This is more critical than their obsession with throwing tear gas and meting ruthless brutality on innocent and law-abiding citizens," he added.

The ODM party branch officials have blamed the police for not securing people businesses and lobbied teargas to peacefully demonstrators leaving thugs stealing peoples properties.  The ODM officials have urged the police to secure businesses and leave the peaceful protestors until the IEBC CEO leave the office.

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