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Nyeri Women to strip and deny conjugal rights to their husbands until Uhuru secures his seat. - Rahab Mukami.

Rahab Mukami in Nyeri. PHOTO | FILE

Nyeri Women have vowed to stop their husbands from touching them until they vote on 26th October 2017. The Nyeri Women also urged their fellow in other regions to boycott bedroom matters until after the Presidential elections.

Speaking in Nyeri, the women said that their husbands will be left in the cold until President Uhuru Kenyatta secures his seat. Men have been known to be led by their women in Nyeri after several chopping off scenes of private parts and beating their husbands.

The women who met at a hotel near Nyeri town on Wednesday said they will only allow their men to enjoy sex if they participate in the election.

Meeting chair Rahab Mukami, who is Nyeri woman representative, noted they have intensified campaigns to give Uhuru a "big win".

Several politicians have asked women to deny their men their conjugal rights in the past, all for the sake of getting as many votes as possible for their candidates.

On July 17, Raila asked married supporters not to have sex a day before the August 8 general election. The NASA flag bearer told Homa Bay residents that they should only have intercourse after results are announced.

He said in Dholuo that: "August 8 will be a historic day and no vote will be left without being cast. Men will sleep outside. When the day comes, no man should sleep with a woman."

The Opposition chief had said in June that "when you are going to war, sex is a bad omen".

"Her resignation was untimely. History will judge her harshly," said Mukami.

Mukami said the country should reconsider giving people with dual citizenship key jobs in government institutions in future. "Akombe is a citizen of Kenya and the United States," she stated.

Kirinyaga women MP Purity Ngirici said Akombe's decision to leave the commission was suspicious. "I suspect she was among those who tampered with documents at the Supreme Court, leading to the nullification of results," she said.

Meru elders have welcomed the move as the only way for President Uhuru Kenyatta not to have a bad omen in the elections. The Agikuyu are expected to perform a ritual of cleansing to President Uhuru Kenyatta before the 26th October Polls.

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