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PHOTOS- "Ekuru Aukot audience needs sweets and biscuits" Says Nairobi businessman Donald Kipkorir who referred aukot as President of the Children. #ThirdWayAlliance

Ekuru Aukot roadshows. PHOTO|FILE

Thirdway Alliance presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot mocked by his rallies which are full of children who need sweets. A Nairobi business Donald Kipkorir has shocked people after he shared some of the Photos the Presidential candidate gets when in a rally.

"The mammoth that the roadshow attracts will shock you. He needs to be the president of the children, not Kenya. My brother Aukot, think first before doing anything." Donald Kipkorir sarcastically said.

"Why did you forget to remind the IEBC on your ultimatum? Do you think Kenyans will vote for you? What made you withdraw your claims or has IEBC changed anything? " he added.

Donald Kipkorir sarcastically called out Ekuru Aukot the President of the children as the majority of his audience are children who need sweet to stay on the rally.

Ekuru Aukot roadshows. PHOTO|FILE

Ekuru Aukot roadshows. PHOTO|FILE

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