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"Raila or no, I will face President Uhuru Kenyatta, people are tired of the two people," says Ekuru Aukot.

Dr Ekuru Aukot. PHOTO | FILE

The third-way alliance candidate Dr. Ekuru Aukot has shocked his people by claiming that IEBC will continue with the elections.  He said that elections will proceed as he decided to drop all the demands.

"After our meeting with the IEBC yesterday, we are somewhat convinced that the IEBC had addressed some of the issues pointed out by the Supreme Court as the illegalities and irregularities in the August 8 elections," said Dr. Aukot,

"The fresh election cannot be predicated on the decision of one candidate. If one candidate chooses to withdraw, Kenya cannot come to a standstill," Dr. Aukot told journalists in Nairobi following repeated comments by Mr. Odinga that there will be no election after he withdrew.

"Politicians in this country have a false sense of self-entitlement that the country cannot continue if they are not there.”

"Raila Odinga will or will not be on the ballot, the elections will continue as planned because  as long as there are two people on the ballot paper that will be fine," Aukot said.

" President Uhuru Kenyatta is just like any other and I'm prepared to face him off the seat. The next president will be Dr. Auko. These people have been taking us for a ride and for long." he added.

IEBC has decided to proceed with the elections as planned. According to the chairman Wafula Chebukati, the elections will continue as the NASA leader did not withdraw from the race officially and according to with the law.

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