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#RailaInMeru : Jubilee-NASA supporters clash in Meru, Jubilee supporters vowed to turn down Raila Odinga rallies.

Laare Jubilee-NASA supporters clash. PHOTO | FILE

Today, Raila Odinga was blocked by angry Meru residents as he was to have a rallies in Meru. The Jubilee supporters clashed with NASA supporters which made the rallies be taken to different stadiums.

The Jubilee and NASA supporters clashed at Laare Town, Meru County ahead of a visit by opposition leader Raila Odinga.The supporters of the different political camps engaged in running battles, burnt car tyres and hurled stones at each other.

A rally that was to be conducted at Kinoru stadium as it was indicated in the previous press statements but it was discovered that the stadium was under repair.

They have vowed to block Raila from addressing the residents in any of the stopovers he has been scheduled to make. Raila was expected to address rallies at Igembe, Tigania and Imenti sub-counties ahead of next week’s repeat presidential election.

The Meru residents vowed to stop the Raila Odinga's convoy from accessing any stadium. They also alleged Raila Odinga for causing chaos in Kenya, stopping President Uhuru Kenyatta from being sworn in.  The Jubilee supporters promised to turn down any NASA rally in Meru.

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