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Social media blast Commissioner. "KIEMS kits and Media results are false, Verified Forms 34B are true." -Prof Abdi Guliye, IEBC Commissioner.

Abdi Guliye with Wafula Chebukati.PHOTO| FILE

The IEBC has said that the 7.3Million votes Uhuru Garnered is fake and it will stick to their information. The IEBC commissioner Abdi Guliye said that the results transmitted through the KIEMS kits are not true as other people were identified through Identity cards only not the machine.

"Some of the voters were identified using the voter's card, Identity card or Passports only not through the KIEMS kits. So the votes may not be true when you follow the KIEMS kits total number. The voter turnout on the KIEMS kits is not true but what we are verifying now is true." Commissioner Abdi Guliye said.

"What was the use of the KIEMS kits if Identity cards were enough in voter identification? They are now manufacturing and doctoring results as the KIEMS kits have ashamed the IEBC Commision." Says Siaya Senator James Orengo.

The IEBC declared 48Percent as an approximate of the vote turnout later the IEBC Chairman tweeted 33 Percent as turnout, later moved to 27 Percentage and currently it has reached 45 Percent. Kenyans have been bored with the Doctoring and the Media blackout in the verification.

The IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati has said that the results on the social media and on the live media are fake. Only IEBc will give out the real figures.

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