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Tana River county leaders engage each other over thursday elections. - Dhadho Godhana

Tana River County Governor Dhadho Godhana. PHOTO | FILE

Tana River county leaders differ in public over elections on Thursday each citing his or her opinion. The leaders who shared a podium with the county commissioner Oningoi ole Sossion spat on each for the coming elections each directing supporters for taking respective directions.

The ODM Governor Dhadho Godhana said residents should not take part in the election, while Senator Juma Wario (Jubilee) and woman rep Rehema Hassan (Maendeleo Chap Chap) said residents should vote on Thursday.

"Youths, do not be allowed to be used to fight or cause violence, do not be cheated by politicians to demonstrate even me," she said.

But Hassan asked residents to turn out in large numbers to vote on Thursday.

"Do not be cheated to remain at home ... go and vote peacefully and return to your homes," she said.

Tana River county which has a division between the residents who are the Pokomos and Oromo. The Governor was criticised for taking the Tana River people in the wrong way as the other leaders are from the Jubilee and jubilee affiliate parties.

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