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#Tanzania : Tanzania President discloses his salary for Anti-corruption drive, earning less than Kenyan MCA. -True Leadership.

Tanzania President Pombe Maghufuli. PHOTO | FILE

Tanzania president Dr. John Pombe Maghufuli has disclosed his salary following the Anti-corruption drive in Tanzania. The President is earning less than a MCA in Kenya.  The president urged the Tanzanians to practice working in goodwill for the benefit of the citizens and bring living standards down.

The president criticised the ones who need big salaries that his reign will not tolerate such actions.  The Ministers and the National assembly legislators are earning three-quarters of the president salary. The Tanzania wage bill dropped by 40% compared to his predecessor Jakaya Kikwete. The Tanzania GDP rose by 15% only in the first year he came to power.

The no-nonsense president is earning Tanzanian shillings 9 million which is around Kenya shillings 400, 000.

In Kenya, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) reviewed the salaries of State officers in what was seen as a major pay-cut. In the new pay structure by SRC, the President of Kenya earns a monthly gross of Sh1.4million, which is Sh250, 000 less than what he earned before the pay cut.

Kenyan MCA’s earn KSh165, 000 however; this figure goes up owing to allowances from meetings organized by County Assembly committees. Some could do over Sh500, 000 depending on the number of meetings attended.

Compared to what Maguli earns, a Kenyan County politician dwarfs the President’s monthly pay. We cannot even start talking about Kenyan Members of Parliament whose gross pay is currently Sh710, 000.

The Tanzanian President John Pombe method should be enacted in Africa to reduce wage bills and foster development than self-motivations.

The Kenyan parliament on the first day in the parliament rumored to take a bill of increasing salaries or else they kick out the SRC.  The President vehemently refused to add or sign any bill related to salaries as there is a commission for mandated for Salaries and remuneration.


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