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#UNDP : Jubilee and IEBC decline an offer by UNDP to print ballot papers for free and insist on Al Ghurair.

US ambassador Robert Godec. PHOTO | Courtesy
US ambassador Robert Godec. PHOTO | Courtesy

People took to the social media after the United Nations offered the government and the IEBC a free deal to print the ballot papers. The Jubilee government and the IEBC refused and pushed the same tender to the UAE based company Al Ghurair.

The controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi started to criticize the move as the talk got momentum in the social media.

People have been asking if there was an ill deal with the Dubai based company. "If UNDP has offered to print the ballot papers for free, why fight for Al Ghurair? We now find that there are fishy games played or else we will need the whole commission to be overhauled apart from the CEO Ezra Chiloba." Juma Mohammed a Garissa resident said.

UNDP offered to print ballot papers. It's and pushing for Al Ghurair. (@DIKEMBE)

Collaboration between western envoys and is only meant to have a peaceful election. Not a democratic one. (@sifuna)


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