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Zari Hassan dumps Diamond Platinumz and both cleaned their social media accounts. " It is over now let's have a new chapter." - #Zari Hassan

Diamond and Zari Hassan break up. PHOTO | FILE

Just after a week of a sour relation between the Tanzania artist Diamond Platinumz and Zari Hassan, they have broken up and both back to bachelorhood. They all went to the social media and cleaned their accounts.

This is after the Ugandan socialite deleted all the photos she had taken with Diamond. Diamond had over the past month admitted to cheating on Zari.

The fairy-tale love story of Tanzanian showbiz couple Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan could be no more.

This is after the Ugandan socialite deleted all the photos that she had taken with the Tanzanian superstar on Instagram.

Zari first posted on Snapchat that she was tired of validating some ‘guys’ on social media who then turn on her and make her look stupid.

She then went ahead and deleted over 2,000 posts on Instagram which glaringly had Diamond Platnumz in them. Her Instagram account posts went from an impressive 3477 posts to 1400 posts.

Diamond, on the other hand, cleaned his social media accounts and stayed silent on the matter. The duos have been in a relationship wrangles since Diamond cheated Zari with other Women who some gave birth to his children. Their relation has been concluded and is also expected Zari Hassan to get back to her mother country Uganda soon.

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