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2017 KCPE : Safaricom alleged Challa communications shortcode 10M fraud to be paid back to customer. -KCPE results.

KCPE students celebrate. PHOTO/FILE

Safaricom LTD wants Challa communications to refund customers who were billed more than once in KCPE shortcode results service. The Telecommunication giant wants Challa communications to refund over Sh10.6 million to its customers who were billed more than once to receive Standard Eight national exam results.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) contracted Challa Communications to provide the service.

Further, Safaricom also wants the subscribers that were charged but did not receive any response for Challa to get a refund.

Candidates, guardians, and schools with candidates were asked to send their index numbers to the shortcode 22252 to receive their results.

Safaricom said a total of 424, 011 such requests were affected by the double billing or charging with no response.

“We have instructed Challa Communications to refund all of the affected customers starting this afternoon, targeting those who queried the system more than once, as well as those who may have been billed without receiving any response,” Safaricom said in a statement signed by Mr. Joe Ogutu, the director of the strategy.

Safaricom said that the Challa company had a technical hitch that affected many people and wanted each one who did not get the service to report. The Safaricom company allegedly claim that Challa also committed an offense by not communicating with customers.

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