Congo protest in Kinshasa. PHOTO | FILE

DR Congo today held protest across the capital of Kinshasa. Other towns that demonstrations occurred include; Goma, Lubumbashi, Bukavu, and Kisangani. The major towns have been in smoke and demonstrations all over.

The protest held across the country demanding President Joseph Kabila to step down. The DRC elections were to be held on 26th November 2017 but the state pushed it further for December 2018.

President Joseph Kabila has been in tension over several failed coups that were planned by the chief of opposition Felix Tshisekedi, leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo's opposition alliance known as the Rassemblement de l'opposition Congolaise.

There has been shooting in the Capital Kinshasa which has a population of 9.5 Million People. The streets of the Capital were blocked demonstrating and chanting "Kabila reign is over". 

Congo protest in Kinshasa. PHOTO | FILE

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