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Billboard advertising, Promotions, auditions with an ultimate affair price looming media industry.

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The Entertainment industry has had a lot of turbulence from greedy directors and promoters. It has come to the understanding that most of the actors have been once abused by the directors and promoters.

Promotions and comical support only comes when someone engaged in extra-marital affairs. People have been going for auditions only to find that ladies with extra-connections with male directors go through and vice versa.

Some of the secrets from the industry are shocking as we got to the base of the so-called promoters and directors. Take an example, someone to get a platform of exercising his/her talent requires him/her to start with his/her flesh.

The majority of Media houses have been offering auditions for either being a presenter, comedian or actors/actress with a fee. It has also been known that the so-called "Directors" have to exploit and excavating on young peoples' flesh.

It is painful to see young men going through such inhuman behaviour.  Getting to be on the banner/billboard is tricky nowadays. The people someone need to pass through includes; the directors and the promoters. "I was astonished when my child got an opportunity of presenting a certain household product. It was after a contest between several kids and my child got the opportunity. The opportunity was not that free. I had to give in to the promoters for my child to feature." A Mother of an advertiser(Celebrity) said.

Being a celebrity is not that simple, it comes with a price. The price of being a celebrity is set by the directors and promoters. There are some companies especial in the laugh industry are genuine only the talent speaks.  Let's have a country of equity and respect.

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