Mombasa Governor Ali Joho with Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo. PHOTO | FILE
Mombasa Governor Ali Joho with Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo. PHOTO | FILE
Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho said that the process of Coast sucession is irreversible. The leader of Majority wanted the counties passing people assemblies and have sucession bid be denied county national government allocation funds.  County boss Hassan Joho said that Coast region can stand on its own.

"If the National government will not give us funds then we will have not option but blocking them from collecting our own.  We will block them starting here in Mombasa, nothing will go to the national government to pay debts for tea and coffee farmers."

"Leave alone Adan Duale he is coming from Garissa where they still depend from our taxes here in Mombasa. Cattle do not pay taxes. The majority of the Duale family are pastoralists and contribute little to nothing to the national government. " Governor Hassan Joho added.

"The secession quest is irreversible even if it takes 10 years," Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho said.

Hassan Joho yesterday continued criticising Tourism CS Najib Balala and other critics for faulting him and attempting to frustrate the course. Joho said residents will enjoy more under self-rule.

Balala and Jubilee politicians from the Coast have said Kenya is indivisible. Jubilee and the Council of Kenya Professionals want seceding counties denied cash by the Treasury.

"If Suleiman Shahbaal, Tourism CS Najib Balala, and Mining CS Dan Kazungu think Jubilee is everything then they have no option but following Jubilee regime where it will be. It is not a must to stay with beneficiaries of oppressive government," he said.

Governor Hassan Joho said secession will ensure local resources benefit residents — “not impoverishing them as is the case”.

The ODM deputy party leader cited proceeds from Kenya Ports Authority, Kenya Ferry Services, Base Titanium and Hotels that have “benefitted others”. 

"Hotel owners will be coming as investors like the Italians in Malindi and Ukunda. The jobs will be for our people, not investors coming with their workers." He stated.

The government plans to set up a dry-port in Naivasha and this has not gone down well with Joho. He termed it “a plot to sabotage Mombasa economically”.

“People will feel their voices count and marginalization will no longer be used as a political tool, but for positive action,” Ali Joho said of self-determination.

“Unlike MRC, we recognize Coast is Kenya's protectorate, but we want self-rule through legal means,” he said. “We must succeed today, after one month, a year or two, five years or even 10. This is a conversation that we must have and will not end.”

Hassan Joho told leaders to consider why Coast residents have not been voting “for the government of the day in the last five elections.”

"Can people think why Coast region has not been voting for the government of the day for the past five-plus elections? Have they thought of what went wrong with them? Is there any government wanted to find out why? The only thing the government officials do is to come and relax in the beach hotels and assume everything is fine." the furious governor said.

"Mombasa contributes almost a quarter of the National budget and is given back 2-4 Billion annually. This is just madness. The tourism sector at the coast contributed almost 10 Percent of Country's GDP. What has been done to the communities living close to the hotels? Nothing. Is there poverty reduction? No. Is there good infrastructure? No. Are their people getting jobs? NO. Do they have a good life? NO. Are they freely interacting with their beaches to bask and relax? No.  Then sucession is real and a must. " he stated.

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