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Citizen Tv anchor Lilian Muli blatsed over suggesting for a night stand on social media. -Lilian Muli

Lilian Muli on Citizen TV. PHOTO | FILE

Lillian Muli clears her name over the social media after social fraudster destroyed it using a fake account.   The citizen television news anchor took to her Instagram account condemn the fake post.

The post in question had a very cryptic message and seemed to suggest that ladies, like men, were also into casual flings, rather than a real relationship.

Lillian Muli sought to clear her name for fear that her fans may think that she is also subscribed to the same line of thinking.

“What the hell is this! I'm so done with these weird people...this is not me! First of all who says such nonsense!” She wrote on Instagram.

The social media imposters have been on the rise over short time fame and celebrity. People pose and posting like genuinely people only to get a one-day fame.

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