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Flash floods sweep several people and properties at the Coast. -Kwale

Floods at the Coast. PHOTO | FILE

The rains that hit Coast region has distracted most of the infrastructure. Roads are not accessible, blackouts and healthy care amenities locked. Some people were washed away by the heavy rains at the coast including a young man from South coast.

The 20-year-old from Bengo village was carried away by fast-moving waters of a river in Ramisi as he tried to cross it on his way home.

Acting County Commissioner Mwangi Hiram said this is the first incident reported since the heavy rains started.

He said efforts are underway to retrieve the body but warned villagers to take caution as most rivers are flooded.

“We are asking residents in the county to be more careful, especially when they are crossing flooded streams and rivers. The waters are too strong during this rainy season,” he added.

The acting county commissioner has asked people to move to high areas where they will not be affected. Cholera outbreak may occur as the rains continue to ponder the Coastal towns.

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