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"I declined an offer to rig out Waiguru because I'm not a fraudster like her." Says Martha Karua.

Martha Karua in a photo shoot. PHOTO | FILE

Kirinyaga gubernatorial candidate Martha Karua cried foul over the dismissed petition saying the current governor Anne Waiguru won the seat through a back door. The fraud that made her win the seat was offered to Martha Karua a week to the elections.

At Kerugoya law court, Martha Karua lost the case due to Grammar mistakes and lack of credibility as election results were omitted and the dates declared.

The high court judge at Kerugoya High court dismissed Karua's case as hopeless and incurable after Karua failed to comply with Election Petition rules when she omitted the election results and dates indicated. Karua challenged Waiguru's victory, claiming the election was deformed by fraud and rigging when ballots used in the election were forged to give Waiguru an advantage.

"Cheating is not a thing that happens in one political party. As a nation, many people adopted cheating as a means of acquiring political leadership. I've had 4 successful elections, two unsuccessful- one for governor and the other for president," She said.

 "I pride myself that in four successful elections, at no single time did I deliberately fail to obey the electoral laws and procedures. Even this time (2017), there was an oblique invitation to go that way and I said I've won before without having to disobey the rules and I will win again without doing the same," she added.

Martha Karua blasted Governor Anne Waiguru as a fraudster and just a month after the election she embezzled almost Ksh 50 Million that was set aside for President Uhuru Kenyatta repeat polls campaign.

"I was given the chance to rig out Waiguru but refused. I'm not a fraudster. They told me to rig out and be the governor but I believed in the rule of law and justice. I'm out not because I failed but I was rigged out."  she said.

She added that she will not support Deputy President William Ruto in 2022 and she does a thorough campaign in Central region to make sure he will not get the seat.

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