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NASA supporters were angered by the move of their leader Raila Odinga decline to be sworn in tomorrow. Through his social media, Raila said that Kenya needs unity and he did not recognize the current president-elect that is prepared to swear-in tomorrow.

The swearing-in, using the results of the August 8 presidential election, which Mr. Odinga claims he won, was to be done during the Nasa’s prayer rally for victims of police brutality at Jacaranda grounds in Nairobi.

But Mr. Odinga turned down the plans, citing his international image and his respect for the rule of law.

And for that decision, some of his supporters, mostly from his Luo Nyanza backyard, are accusing him of In Migori town, a number of the residents congregated at various newspaper selling points early Monday morning and discussed the latest development with dismay written on their faces.

"We were ready to have him sworn in as our president. Why chicken out?” said Joel Omondi, a Nasa supporter from Migori town.

“This has demoralized our resistance agenda. I will now turn my attention away from Nasa activities."

Ms. Rahab Matinde, a trader from Isibania, said she was utterly disappointed that Mr. Odinga will not take an oath of office.

The supporters have pressured Odinga saying if he will not take an oath tomorrow then they will decline his orders as well. The ceremony was expected to take place at Uhuru park but police abolished the move and later taken to Jacaranda grounds.

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