Jacaranda ground sealed off by Police. PHOTO | FILE
Jacaranda ground sealed off by Police. PHOTO | FILE
Jacaranda ground memorial service doomed as anti-riot police with full gear sealed the ground.  The NASA supporters clashed with the police leaving several dead and majority injured.

]The Police has shot several at the Jacaranda ground and beat anyone who passes closer to the ground. All roads adjacent to Jacaranda have been sealed off.

The officers in full anti-riot gear on Tuesday threw teargas everywhere, including residential estates, and beat up whoever they came across.

On the night before the rally, unknown people ferried and dumped raw sewage on the spot where dais was to be erected.

“We are planning prayers for our supporters who were shot dead during protests. We will also fundraise for the victims’ families so that they can hold a befitting send-off for their loved ones,” Mr. Wetang'ula said.

The Jacaranda meeting was a culmination of a series of memorial services held in other parts of the country.

Raila Odinga said that the swearing Ceremony at Kasarani is a coronation and we will not recognize the presidency at all. The President has been using police to intimidate the opposition. The opposition has insisted that big companies that funded Uhuru Kenyatta regime will be boycotted.

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