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Jubilee officials and Diplomats busy soliciting congratulatory messages from foreign countries.

Uhuru Kenyatta re-election bid. PHOTO | PSCU

The Uhuru Kenyatta win in the supreme court has not been recognized worldwide as the high dignitaries refused to send congratulatory messages.  The Foreign affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed and her Principal Secretary Monica Juma have been soliciting for congratulatory messages from diplomats.

Kenya was on Tuesday caught in a diplomatic storm following claims that it was soliciting congratulatory messages from foreign countries after the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“From where we sit, the Supreme Court win is a re-affirmation of President Kenyatta’s August 8 win. Generally, everybody is commending the country for following the course of the rule of law. That is the general reaction. Actually, many of them (countries) are saying: Let’s move on,” said Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Ms. Monica Juma,

The respected London-based Financial Times(FT) reported Tuesday that Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed had asked her UK counterpart Boris Johnson to recognize the re-election of Mr. Kenyatta following the Supreme Court dismissal of the petitions he had faced.

The heads/diplomats of countries that send congratulatory messages include Burundi and Uganda.  This action has worried the foreign cabinet secretary Amina Mohamed as most of the countries blame and criticizes the legitimacy of the win and President Kenyatta re-election bid which was upheld by Supreme from only 30-39% of registered voters.

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