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Julie Gichuru: The Former Citizen TV anchor has been branded "attempted Assassin" paid to finish Rt Raila Odinga.

Julie Gichuru in US. PHOTO | FILE

Former Citizen Tv news anchor Julie Gichuru has been branded "the attempted assassin" as she was paid to finish Raila Odinga. Much of the information went viral that she was selected to go with Raila Odinga to the US and back while trying to infiltrate his health.

The renowned news anchor has vehemently denied the allegations saying it is false news.  The news of Julie Gichuru paid to kill Raila Odinga went viral. She has urged people to filter information before consuming it. Is it that people are trying to push an agenda or truth?

The bloggers online have called out Julie Gichuru to explain what she about the information or else the evidence being held will be posted and be online. The "tangible evidence"  allegedly to be held claimed to tarnish Julie Gichurus name badly if she will not say what happened in the US, in the plane and what made Raila Odinga change his plane in the last minutes.

She defended herself in her Twitter handle.

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