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Kenya security forces ranked worst across the globe.

IG Joseph Boinnet. PHOTO | FILE

Kenya police and the security forces in Kenya has been ranked worst across the wolds by World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI) report released by two bodies. The report which was taken out of 127 countries across the world placed Kenya at 124.

Botswana was ranked the best in Africa and was position 47 in the world.

The index ranked the Rwandan police as Africa’s second best (with global position of 50th) followed by Algeria (58th), Senegal (68th) and Tunisia (72nd) in that order. Completing the top 10 for Africa were, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Ghana, South Africa and Mali respectively.

“WISPI measures the ability of the police and other security providers to address internal security issues in 127 countries, across four domains, using sixteen indicators,” authors of the report stated. The four domains are capacity, process, legitimacy, and outcomes.

Singapore and Australia in the sixth spot, all the other countries were in Europe – Finland, Denmark, Austria, Germany (2nd – 5th), Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland (7th – 10th)

Despite the failure of Africa to break into the top 40, the continent was very prominent in the lower rankings. Six African countries were in the bottom 10. Cameroon and Mozambique in the 120th and 122nd spots.

The extrajudicial killings, police brutalize, Corruption and raping place Kenya in the worst state compared to other countries. Kenya was placed fourth in Africa after South Africa in 2014 and the position has declined over time.

Kenya has been facing injustices and inequality that made the government use the security forces to undermine other communities in the name of fighting radicalization and "Militia".

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