Kaloleni Mp Hon. Paul Katana in a past event. PHOTO | The counties
Kaloleni Mp Hon. Paul Katana in a past event. PHOTO | The counties

The shocking revelation of the Coast region Jubilee votes which was characterized by a scheme of oppressing people in the name of voting on 26th October 2017. Relief food was distributed to Kilifi county and the Jubilee point people took an oath of discriminating the needy people and gave to the ones who voted for Uhuru Kenyatta. The exhibit of voting was the IEBC ink as it was the requirement.

The Mining CS Dan Kazungu has been in the limelight after a group of people condemned the Cabinet secretary for discrimination. Led by the Jilore MCA Daniel Chai Chiriba, the resident of Jilore were denied relief food from the Galana Kulalu irrigation scheme maize after the repeat polls. The food was distributed to the people who only voted for Uhuru Kenyatta in the repeat polls
in his Jilore ward.

The Kaloleni Member of Parliament Paul Katana also hit hard on the relief food distribution. The Jubilee point people led by Ngowa Kahindi and Thoya Kenga have issued a list of people who perceived to have voted for the Jubilee Presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta in the repeat polls which are now being given the relief food.

"I have a full list of people who gave directions of who to be given food or not. The Jubilee people in Kaloleni constituency work hard on that but we are watching you. It is unfair to distribute relief food to certain people who perceived to have voted for Uhuru Kenyatta. Shame on you." Hon Paul Katana said.

People in Magarini and Ganze also got that shock of relief food distribution.  The Ganze Member of Parliament Hon Teddy Mwambire promised to take action on the food distribution Jubilee scheme as all people in the Ganze constituency need government support.

Ganze Mp Hon. Teddy Mwambire in a past event. PHOTO | The counties
" You can pretend to be smart, fume, despise or distance yourself in these media platforms but the people on the ground know and save every detail of the concern. I already wrote to the DCC and copied to the County commissioner and regional Coordinator so as to get more details and the people who performed the heinous act of distribution of relief food to only those who voted for on 26th October 2017 denying all those who did not vote. Let the schemes and everyone who participated in denying people rights are up for a rude shock." Ganze MP Hon Teddy said.

"Former Ganze ward MCA Hon Japhet Katana Nzaro publicly shared relief food belonged to Jubilee party or a political party not from the Government of Kenya and the exhibition was IEBC ink posed as a requirement for the distribution. If the food was for the Jubilee People then there was no need to bring it here.  Ok, now voting has already taken place, why discriminating extremely needy people? Is this what we call or term leadership? " Hon Teddy Mwambire added.

Kilifi county has been a target for the Jubilee party as its candidates who did not clinch even a single seat in the county. The County Governor Amason Kingi is expected to provide his thoughts following the relief food discrimination saga in the county.

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