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"Killing 500 cattle belongs to maa community is economic sabotage." Says Raila Odinga.

Raila Odinga in Maa land. PHOTO | FILE

Raila Odinga has condemned the killings of the people of Laikipia and their animals. The Government did not feel c contented after killing the Luos in Nyanza and now killing over 400 herds of cattle.

The NASA leader has contrasted the loss of the cattle in Laikipia with the loss of tea, pyrethrum, coffee in the Central region and Sugarcane in Western Kenya. The Maa community has been urged to stay together as the government is busy protecting the rich. The backbone of Maa community is animal rearing.

"The cattle massacre by police in Laikipia is something to go by.  The Maa community needs to be respected. They got your votes and now they are treating like trash. The total number of Cattle that have been shot by Police in Laikipia has reached fifty thousand." Raila Odinga said.

"The Jubilee government are now tired with killing people and now they have turned to what people eat. I heard someone saying NASA boycott is economic sabotage, what about killing fifty thousand cattle and herders in three months, not an economic sabotage?" he added.

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