Security officers on a street in Lamu.  PHOTO | CHETI PRAXIDES
Security officers on a street in Lamu.  PHOTO | CHETI PRAXIDES
Linda Boni mission has remained to be a history as no Alshabaab were found. The officers who were in charge of the operations are also crying over unpaid allowances.

The officers have been in the forest for six months only to realize later that nothing was paid as allowances for them in their bank accounts.

The officers which were drawn from the GSU, Recce Squad, ATPU, RBPU, RDU, AP and Regular Police in conjunction with KDF.

Speaking to the Star in Milimani yesterday, they said have suffered during the operation yet the government has refused to pay their hardship allowances.

“We feel deserted and abandoned. It's like the government doesn’t even remember they sent us here to fight," one of the officers who refused to be named said.

He said they have been risking their lives in the fight against al-Shabaab, and that it was frustrating to go without allowances.

The officers are entitled to Sh33,500 hardship allowance per month. More than 3,000 officers are involved in the operation.

"We are on a suicide mission and the least the government can do is pay us. But it is sad that someone in Nairobi has decided to sit on our allowances," the officer added.

The KDF also said each officer is owed Sh.189,000 for the over six month period that they have been working in the area.

The hardship allowance is Sh.33,500 per soldier.

“Someone is seated in office in Nairobi and has no idea what we face doing this job each day and that’s still the same person who has refused to pay us our allowances.We do the dirty work and die while at it but whoever gets paid for our own efforts and blood is up there.People must stop being selfish and understand that we need that money more than them,” said another officer.

The operation now has extended to some parts of Somali close to the Kenya border.  They have recently recoined to The Boni Enclave Campaign conducted by a contingent of security units among them the KDF and various units of the National Police Service including the GSU, AP, RDU, RBPU, ATPU, KWS, NIS, NYS among others.

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