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List of other companies targetted by NASA boycott next month. -Junet Mohammed.

Bank Of Africa Headquarters. PHOTO | FILE

 The Next list of companies that NASA boycott will target and make the Jubilee Government shake will include banks and insurance companies. The companies which are directly connected to the Jubilee top officials will be the next victims.

Amaco insurance company owned by the DP William Ruto will fall victim on the boycott. They have invested heavily in real estate and marine business to secure the flow of income as an insurance company.

The others are Equity Bank and Bank of Africa. Bank of Africa is owned by the Kenyatta family. This bank holds most of the Kenyatta family wealthy and MediaMax. Equity bank is managed by James Mwangi as the CEO. The majority of the directors in the bank are close allies of Kenyatta family.

The Bidco, Safaricom, and Brookside are the first contributors to the Jubilee regime during the repeat polls. The purpose of boycotting these companies is to make sure the Jubilee party becomes difficult to manage as to it's government too.

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