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Maa community lost 400,000 cattle in three months as the government watches. -Lempurkel

Herders in Maa community. PHOTO | FILE

The Maa community has lost almost 400,000 cattle in a period of three months. The community has been engaging the government to waive their economical turbulence.

Last week police killed also 400 cattle in Laikipia which the government had ordered. The Police were ordered to keep safe the British ranches and making sure no people trespass and invade.

The Maa community lost 320,000 cattle in Tanzania. The drought affecting the Maa land in Kajiado and Laikipia has made them move to Tanzania searching for pasture through Oloitoktok.

The Government of Tanzania ordered to arrest and detain all herders from Kenya and later auctioned their cattle. The Tanzania government is estimated to have auctioned approximately 300,000 cattle and detained 20,000 in their zoos.

Maasai crying on the loss.

The Maa community is facing the real economic sabotage as the government has been quiet in all the matters.

" We need to make sure we assist ourselves in this difficult times. We call the government through the foreign affairs CS Amina Mohammed to help us out in Tanzania. What we lost in Tanzania is more than what was shot by police in Laikipia." Mathew Lempurkel said.

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