Isolated cholera patients at a dispensary in Majengo, Mombasa county, November 23, 2017. /ELKANA JACOB
Isolated cholera patients at a dispensary in Majengo, Mombasa county, November 23, 2017. /ELKANA JACOB

Just after the floods happened in Mombasa some weeks ago, Cholera outbreak has now been noticed in Mombasa. Cholera in Mombasa has affected several areas which are poor in hygiene.

Health executive Hazel Koitaba said 25 cases have been reported so far and that 80 sick people will be checked.

The two people are from Kilifi and Kwale, she told journalists at the public health department's office in the county on Thursday.

Areas where there is stagnant water, the public have been told to take caution against children swimming in the dirty waters. The medical officers have also urged members of the public to treat water or boil before drinking or consumption.

Patients have been isolated in Majengo, Portreitz and Utange health facilities. Mwembe tayari health facility was reopened today after about a year so the 25 patients can be treated there.

"Mwembe tayari is a temporary clinic where we only have people with particular diseases. It has been opened for this particular exercise," Katana said.

"This is a disease that can be terminated. It will spread if the vehicles are not properly sanitized."

"All illegal food vendors and those who do not have health certificates will be shut down immediately and their products confiscated," she said. We urge members of the public to be cautious about the foods and drinks they take and ensure they are from licensed vendors."

Areas at highest risk are Jomvu, Makande, Kalahari, and Mshomoroni but Koitaba said the county would do its best to end the spread of cholera.

The health department has been providing water treatment tablets and chlorine pots. The executive noted testing is essential as diarrhea is most associated with cholera.

"Majority of the cases are of diarrhea," she said.

The outbreak is also extended to Kilifi and Kwale where they experienced heavy rains. The medical officers have alerted the public to report any threat or signs of Cholera as soon as possible.

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