Photos Raila Odinga with Sasha Mbote in Zanzibar. PHOTO | FILE
Photo of Raila Odinga with Sasha Mbote in Zanzibar SPA hotel. PHOTO | FILE
The political unrest and plans to have a parallel swearing-in ceremony between NASA and Jubilee led the former prime minister Raila Odinga to flee to Tanzania as claimed by Raila Odinga spokesman Salim Lone.

“The unrest pushed Mr. Odinga out of the country. He left Kenya on Sunday night. He is now in Zanzibar, off the coast of mainland Tanzania,” said Lone.

A social media user, Sasha Seraphine Mbote, posted photos with Raila at Park Hyatt hotel emerged online.

The social media user has already got a new contract with Danke Schon where she will be marketing Tanzania just immediately after the photos of her and Raila Odinga trend.

"I celebrated Zimbabwe with Baba," the caption read after Robert Mugabe resigned as the President of Zimbabwe on Tuesday night.

Mbote, a Kenyan who runs a spa at the hotel, said she ran into Raila and decided to take photos with him. She said that Raila Odinga is a nice person who has valued the democracy in Africa.

"I knew that those photos were to be taken ill by Kenyans, but the fact remains that I love Raila Odinga as most Kenyans do. It was just a chance of interacting with the most influential person in World." Mbote said.

"I believe Kenyans has a precious gift that they have not yet used. I have an SPA hotel in Zanzibar and the majority of international guest stay here. Only I chose to post Raila Odinga because I know Kenyans how they behave." she added.

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